DuPont Fabros Looking for Data Center Leasing

While the third quarter wasn’t stellar for DuPont Fabros Technology in terms of signing new leases, the period immediately after the quarter’s last day saw a series of major deals.

The two most notable ones were the lease of a portion of capacity across four East Coast data centers formerly occupied by the bankrupt Net Data Centers (known in the past as Net2EZ), and a lease by one company of more than 10 MW of capacity in Ashburn, Virginia, that used to be occupied by Yahoo. Yahoo, like other big web companies, has built its own data centers and moved into them a lot of infrastructure it used to house in wholesale facilities operated by the likes of DuPont.

The lease of former Net capacity was by Anexio, which recently acquired all of Net’s East Coast assets. Anexio took 4 MW total across three data centers in Virginia and one in New Jersey.

Who’s DuPont?

Washington, DC-based DuPont is one of the biggest wholesale data center providers in the US. Specializing inbuilding and leasing out huge data center facilities, concentrated primarily in Northern Virginia, its biggest tenants are Microsoft, Facebook, Rackspace, and Yahoo, among others.

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