There is an introduction of a new relationship by Vendor. There is an expansion of the cloud services with the partners in the UK and also in the Europe after it got established in the cloud and in the region.
The company was made in June, also there are cloud services offered by Dell that are easily managed by the partners as an important part of its PartnerDirect Programme. This expansion will make it easy for the users to increase the control and also in selecting, managing and expanding things with the appropriate sources that are around the public, private, and also with the cloud environments.
There was also an extension of the launching done for the programme of certifications. There can be an easy separation of the partners for the area that were cloud builder, a provider of cloud and also new services of cloud that were enabled.
The VMware vcloud technology was well known for supporting the services of cloud with the certification with them. This is having an objective at the companies that will be acting as brokers, technology for the integrating cloud and for users it is providing all the benefits.
“Our cloud certification brings Dell’s offerings together, in one easy package for partners. The intention is to make the journey to the cloud as easy as possible and give partners a flexible, scalable solution that meet customers’ needs, ”these statements were said by the Vice president of Dell Services EMEA named Declan Murphy.
Another statement he used was,” We have already seen significant interest from our partners in leveraging Dell’s vCloud platform for customers.”
The famous Roger Harry who is the managing director of Circle IT solutions said, “Customers want to know we understand their needs and can provide a suitable solution to address them. The Cloud Services Enabler Certifications allow us to demonstrate that we know how to solve real world issues, and have the backing of Dell’s cloud solution experts,”
He also added in his statement, “We can position ourselves in the trusted advisor role, and we’re one of the first partners to gain this accreditation, which builds on the existing success of the PartnerDirect programme,”

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