In the market of cloud, the success is needed by oracle. The database leader is responsible for launching services every hour that may contain all features for the companies that should be conducted and operate in the cloud and are helpful for the customers to make proper ways for the cloud.
24 new services for IT professionals, developer, end users and for achieving analyst there is a platform of the oracle cloud. It helps to expand all the applications of the application of cloud. Other services include Exadata Service, Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud examination, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and also Oracle Process Cloud Service.
There are many new facilities launched and the companies has different that are hosted in the data center to the cloud Oracle. There is a claim by oracle to only the providers of cloud that they provide full facilities of the enterprise software services, services of the platform and also some structures of infrastructure that are the banner of the oracle cloud platform. There are certain services that are seen to be selected that include that is an expert in software’s and also other is Amazon facilities that are focused on the services of infrastructure.
There are several other services of integrated cloud that are permitted by the companies so that they may move the operations to the cloud that contain a service to make and also to execute the applications of mobile that are directed from the oracle cloud and also with the integration service that permit them to combine with many enterprise applications into the systems to complete.
There are also some online services offered by the oracle for different purposes like planning, managing and also customer experiences. The purpose of such information is to make oracle a single and the one window that will fulfill all the requirements of the cloud computing.
There is also the inauguration of oracle integration cloud services that permit companies to work together and make different applications with this cloud services. There is also some information for the up gradation of Business intelligence cloud service.