Why Should Data Centers Strive To Get Energy Star Label?

You probably have a small little blue star showing on the top right corner of your screen when you start your laptop or desktop. This shows that your equipment is Energy Star complaint. You can also get information on the amount of energy saved because of it. Many products display Energy Star. You may be wondering what this is all about. Actually, even Data Centers should have this label. Here is some interesting and useful information on the subject.

What’s Energy Star?

Climate change is playing havoc with our environment. Due to the indiscriminate use of natural resources, human beings are not only endangering the environment but also our own future. Reducing greenhouse emissions and conserving natural resources by optimizing energy utilization are goals which various governments are striving to achieve. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program by which you can save precious natural resources, protect our climate and save money in the process.

The ENERGY STAR program was setup by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Energy Star is not mandatory though compliance to the program can lead to better energy efficiency, reduced consumption of natural resources and cost saving.

Why Should Your Data Center Have Energy Star?

This is a voluntary program and therefore it is necessary to know why your Data Center should comply with it. After all, any activity you commit yourself has concomitant cost attached to it. First and foremost reason why you should get Energy Star is the overall cost saving. Your data Center is an energy guzzler. More than ninety percent of the money for running a data Center is spent on electricity. Energy Star compliance would mean that you would be drastically reducing operational cost. You can pass on the saving to your customers. Due to this, you will be better placed in this fiercely competitive market.

The second factor which you must consider is the reduced greenhouse gas emission. Energy Star compliance means your Data Center would be working more efficiently. The equipment would emit less heat and cause that much less damage to the environment. You would be directly contributing to the overall wellbeing of the habitat. Because of your efforts, coming generations would be able to breathe better quality of air and live a healthier life.

How To Get Energy Star?

Energy Star certification can be obtained for products, new homes, commercial buildings and industrial plants. Data Centers fall under the category of industrial plants. Energy Star compliance requires deliberate planning and conscientious execution. The process begins with evaluating the existing energy consumption pattern of Data Centers. A detailed examination and testing of all equipment is necessary for this process. To evaluate and track energy efficiency, EPA has provided a Portfolio Manager tool. Using this tool you can generate a score between one and hundred. A score above 75 is considered to qualify for Energy Star. A third party certification is required to get Energy Star label.

An Energy Star signifies that your Data Center is not only energy efficient but also a contributor to environmental protection. It’s a prestigious label to wear and provides a ‘feel good’ factor which can positively impact consumers and influence their decision making. You also save money in the process.