Cloud Storage for Business – Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud Storage is one of the services that can be provided either for an individual or organization. Cloud is a form of online storage which differs in several ways from traditional storage methods. Traditionally we use optical disk, thumb drives, flash drives and other portable media to store data and these portable media allows us to access data directly. Personal computers include their own storage devices using which they can access data. Cloud storage enables users to store data over a network and it also enables users to access these stored data from any location provided with internet facility. Usually large data are stored in a facility called Data Center. Data Centers are a physical location where multiple server hardware is maintained to store data.

Following are some of the benefits of Cloud Storage:


Cloud Storage technology enables users to add and synchronize files directly between local network and computers.


Large audio, video and other files can be quickly added into your cloud system and access it whenever needed. Many cloud services have included drag-n-drop feature for ease of big file transfer.

Always On:

 Many individual or small and medium organizations still maintain files on their local drives.  When the router fails or when the server computer fails, your company might lose data and services. Cloud storage providers better uptime record so that users can easily access data without any failures. When organizations store files or data online, even if the service goes down or loose internet connection still they have access to data stored.


Security is one of the main concerns in Cloud sharing. Cloud storage is far more secure than in-house storage. Many smaller companies face risk from fire, theft, hardware failure and software problem. Cloud storage offers built in redundancy for such problems at every level of data center, servers and drives.

There are several advantages of cloud storage over networked online and individual storage. Data stored in cloud servers are not easily accessible by others. Data stored in cloud are less vulnerable to damage, theft or loss. Cloud storage is more efficient and is more scalable to store data. Cloud users have to pay only for what they use and can purchase required hardware. Cloud storage is more scalable and can grow spontaneously to cater the demands.

Cloud storage is one of the most potential storage methods; there are still a few disadvantages.

Privacy and Security:

One of the biggest concerns of cloud storage is privacy and security. Organizations might not be comfortable in transferring vital data to third parties. Most of the storage vendors ensure viral and malware free servers, it is still a concern as servers are used around the world and many users access same servers. Service providers have to ensure that client’s data are not accessed by any unauthorized users. To make it more secure vendors have to implement security servers, data encryptions and password protected accounts.


For long runs cloud hosting is a lot cheaper than traditional methods of storing data. Cloud storage is a new technology makes it more expensive. Data centers have to be built, the software need to be installed and rewire the hardware and many unforeseen problems makes it more expensive than the traditional method.

By utilizing cloud storage users cannot have direct control over their data. Managing data center is one of the biggest reasons that dissuade organizations from owning one. The best method of managing large data is by hand over its management to professionals which ensures yielding proper benefits and also to have peace of mind. Most of the companies who opt out to use cloud service lack the skills and resources to store and maintain their data. For

these reasons cloud storage are being used by everyone including all sized organizations and individuals.

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