Datacenter Modern Design

Datacenter designs have been modified and improved in the recent era in a very effective way. There

are some specific principles that all modern datacenter follow. They are:

1. Modularization

2. Access Floor

3. Hot and cold aisle containment

All these principles have their good and bad sides, but all of them are essential for building an effective

datacenter. The architectures will be chosen wisely, for example, if the company is based on

telecommunication then the architects who are going to work should be an expert on that field. Each

field has its own setup which the architects can measure so choosing the right person for the job is


Modularization: There are some advantages of having modularization ability on the datacenter. It can

be placed almost anywhere and the process is not so costly. That is why it is included in most of the

modern datacenters. It has support availability and makes the datacenter more flexible. It is one of the

reasons of evolving the datacenter from its previous version. The construction is very minimum. It has

some negative sides as well. It needs power grid which can be a problem.

Access Floor: Access floor or raised floor makes the datacenter more flexible in wiring and cabling.

Putting cables and wires on the floor is not good for the center. Cables everywhere in the center were a

common scene in older datacenters, which causes dirt and sometimes accidents as well. But now a day,

datacenters use the access floor which hides all the cables and wires which makes the center clean and

safe. The cold air distribution of the center becomes easier. Even having all these advantages, it has

some problems and limitations as well. The high cost is the first obstacle which all the datacenter

creators face. The whole process is very costly. Not only that, the maintenance cost is also high. There

will be weight limitations which should be followed. The cables will be under the floor which decreases

the buildings cooling effectiveness.

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment: The containments specifically localize power management and HAVC.

The main task of the aisle is to keep temperature cool which is vital for any modern datacenter. Every

architect should keep this fact in mind while building a design for datacenter. It has a high cost of

implementation and not very easy to uninstall.

Most modern datacenters use these designs to build the structure. It is not always have to be one of

these setups, it can be hybrid as well. Some datacenters use the hot and cold aisle containment along

with access floor. It depends on the budget and what kind of datacenter it is. Telecommunication

datacenter is different that the IT data center. The architect plays a vital role here on choosing the

suitable datacenter design. There is no specific “best design” for datacenters. The strategy depends on

the type of datacenter and its business. The modern datacenters are more eco friendly and economical

these days.

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