Coolest Data Centers in the World

We all know most of the data centers are capable of sending and receiving millions of data per second. Data centers are drawing attention of with its features like space, reliability and, temperature control. Following are the list of best and coolest data centers in the world. So what makes these data center one of the coolest? These data centers are built with a unique design, installed with best cooling properties, building structure and capacity to withstand any disasters or attacks including nuclear attacks.

Pionen Data Center:

Pionen Data Center is the world’s most super designed data center. This data center is located in Sweden. This server housing center is capable of withstanding hydrogen bomb. Backup power to this plant is provided by a couple of German Submarine engines. Some of the main coolest features of this facility are false waterfalls, low-lying fog, conference room with an image of the moon’s surface, 686 gallon of salt water fish tank and, indoor jungle. This facility is located 100 feet below the streets of Stockholm.

The Green Mountain Data Center:

Green Mountain Data Center is one of the unique data center facilities in the world. This facility is located on the shores of the Rennesoy Island in Norway, this facility was a former high secured NATO ammunition storage now rebuilt into a data center. Green Mountain Data Center is located just beside the deep fjord and has constructed a dedicated cooling system which brings colder water from 100

m into the facility without any energy usage. This facility has a very strong underground power supply system and 3 independent are energizing the data center.

Citi Data Center, Germany:

This is one of the most sustainable data Centers in the world. This facility is located in Frankfurt, Germany and occupies 9, 800 sq m of space. This facility is surrounded by green spaces and eastern part of the building is installed with green walls. The Citi Data Center is the first data center to achieve LEED Platinum certificate. Green Roof installed in this facility will keep the entire facility warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Swiss Fort Knox Data Center:

This data center facility is located beneath a mountain in the Swiss Alps. This is one of the two high secured data centers inside the Swiss Alps and both are being operated by SIAG. Physical and logical infrastructure of this data center is coordinated by two SOC (Security Operation Centers). This facility houses one of the best security features such as bulletproof plastic door vault and face recognition surveillance software. The two data center facilities on Swiss Alps are 10Km apart from each other and houses one of the best cooling systems in the world. Underground water provides water for the whole system.

Iron Mountain Data Center:

This data center facility is built in a limestone mine. Cooling system draws cool water from an underground lake; equipments in this data center are embedded into the limestone. Limestone is capable of absorbing 1.5 BTUs (British thermal unit) per sq ft. Test rooms are implemented with a raised floor design which directs heat through ceiling panels and blows across the cooling shafts.

These are some of the coolest data centers around the world. We can find lots more data centers which are similar to the one in the list above.

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