Windstream Corporation Adds Data Center in Tennessee

Windstream Corporation is a leading provider of advanced communication including managed service and cloud computing, formed in 2006 and headquartered in Little rock, Arkansas. Windstream also offers phone, broadband and digital services to customers in rural area. Windstream has more than $6 billion annual revenue. Windstream team is dedicated to meet customers' expectation.

Windstream has added a new data center in Franklin, Tennessee in trying to expand its lineup of data centers. Windstream's 21, 000 sq ft data center is scheduled to open in 2013. This data center serves as the technological base for company's cloud, managed IT and Internet services to business. This facility will be built with superior infrastructure and specifications. This new facility is constructed to cope with the growing demand for managed services and data centers all over the nation. This facility also helps Windstream to manage its huge network of cloud computing solutions. This center aids in improving the level of accessibility of IT resources, application firms and efficiency level.

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Windstream currently maintains 19 data centers across the United States and investing lots of capital for development of data centers in the United States. Windstream expects to offer string operational performance to deliver high performance services to its customers. Windstream maintains long-term neutral recommendation supported by ZACKS. Windstream deleveraging and refinancing efforts are likely to lessen debt level. Some of the other expansion plans of Windstream are via increasing data center co-locations and invest in fiber to cell projects.

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