ViaWest’s Las Vegas Data Center Honored with Top Industry Rating

ViaWest’s Las Vegas data center has become the fourth data center in the U.S to receive top ratings from AN industry body, and the eighth in the whole world. ViaWest’s Lone Mountain data center in the GreenWood Village of Nevada is also the first U.S colocation data center built solely for the tenants. It is not corporate owned, and also meets the highest standards of construction set by the uptime institute. ViaWest operates 23 data centers in

the Rocky Mountain area, and this makes it the largest privately owned data center companies. ViaWest’s Lone Mountain data center has 74,000 sq ft of raised floor space for services, and is slated to open before the year’s end. ViaWest predicts that this will be one of the most energy efficient data centers ever built once it starts operations. New York City-based Uptime Institute created a common rating system that data center owners and clients can use to judge facilities on how well they protect servers and information from unforeseen problems and down time. It has certified 41 U.S. data centers according to its reliability standards. It grants separate accreditations for center design, construction or operations. Data centers-increasingly important storehouses of digital information and hubs for online computing -have long been put into modified traditional office or industrial spaces. The

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rise of cloud computing, and companies’ need to ensure reliability of the data, has led to industry standardization, and to a new generation of specialized data center buildings build for reliability and power efficiency. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum

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