Google Reveals Its Approach to Data Center Operations

After becoming the first company to give the world a peek into its data centers, Google has now revealed an in-depth profile of its data center management.

Joe Kava, the VP Google Data Center Operations, at a 7 x 24 Exchange conference held in Phoenix gave an intimate look into the evolving data center strategy of Google. Kava began his presentation with a seven year timeline, and showing the progression of the search giant’s strategy.

While profiling an industry shift in data-center strategy, Kava”s presentation showed a progression of the search giant”s data-center history, starting with 2005, when Google used containers that integrated IT hardware into its data-center space, to 2006, when the Web giant abandoned containers for its own data-center design. Around 2008, the company started using and sharing metrics such as best practices and power usage effectiveness (PUE).

The data center industry is known for keeping its operations under wraps. In a scenario like this, Google has shared data

and demonstrated how it has improved its mechanical systems to facilitate reduction in consumption of energy. The electrical energy consumption of Google’s data centers have reduced by 42 percent. Google also showed how its modular data center designs enabled increased lead time for data delivery, a process now measured in months instead of years.

The company also launched a new site, “Where the Internet Lives” with a lot of images of racks of computer gear, raised-floor ventilation systems, multicolored cables, and massive air-conditioning chillers.

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