Colt has designed a new architecture that has promised to bring a new wave in the field of power, and cooling management. It allows the operators to have more flexibility in managing the data center without having to remodel the entire data center. The architecture has been called the Ftec, which is going to be helpful to data center operators who find it difficult to handle equipments with unused capacity. Ftec allows the power densities to be adjusted automatically while keeping the data centers cool. It does not require shutting down the servers while doing all these readjustments. According to Guy Ruddock, Vice president of design delivery and operations at Colt Data Centre Services, the Ftec project started about 18 months ago when the operators, customers, and enterprises asked Colt if it was possible to reduce the power densities without altering the design considerations of the data center. Colt was also required to change the power related cooling demands

of the data center without any possibilities of remodeling.

To overcome these problems, Colt has come up with three new technologies-

  • Space flex
  • Power flex
  • Cool flex

Colt said that adjusting the cooling conditions is the primary parameter for a reliable data center. If the power in an area has to be increased, it is important to get the heat out of the room. For this the technology used will be cool flex. Powerflex makes it possible to build a data center with a 500 watt per square meter power density, which can be scaled as needed to 1,000, 1,500

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or even 3,000 watt per square meter, and then go back down again, while spaceflex lets users change and mix the densities within the data center, according to Ruddock.

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