Tilera Releases Two New High Speed Processors

Tilera has indeed been very busy the last couple of months. It has been getting ready to announce to the world that its two new 16 and 32 core cloud computing processors are finally ready for launch. It is also announcing that its former founding chief executive, Devesh Garg, is rejoining the company as its new CEO.

Tilera launched Tile-Gx36 and Tile-Gx16 chips yesterday. These chips are designed with far more power efficient cores on a single chip than Intel has managed to produce. It is exclusively designed for cloud computing, networking and multimedia purposes. A single Tile-Gx36 chip can manage a speed of more than 40GBps of L2/L3 networking with just 25 watts of power consumption. They are also smaller in size compared to Inter Xeon. The chips are being designed to be as small as 40nanometer.

Director of Marketing, Bob Doud, said that they have already sealed deals with about twenty companies and are engaged in discussions with eighty other companies. Some of the companies that are planning to implement the processors are Harmonic and Mercury Computer Systems.

Doud says that this chip will ensure faster return of investments as it is designed to draw less power. That will also ensure lesser cooling requirements and infrastructure costs. The testing and validation of the chip has also been made easy.

For more information, please visit www.tilera.com.

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