Data Center Power and Climate Monitoring

One cannot emphasize enough on the power and cooling monitoring. You invest a lot of money to build  a high-tech data center offering the best of the services, following all possible regulations, ensuring the data center’ s carbon footprint is low, adopting green data center methods, and many more hassles. But you forget to install monitoring devices. Can you guess how disastrous the consequences are going to be?

If a device starts drawing more power, and there is no device to monitor it, the device will start to heat up. After the heat reaches a critical value, the equipment will get damaged and might need repair or even replacement.

If the temperature of the room increases and there is no device to measure the change accurately, you will have not one, but multiple systems failing. If the temperature increases further, you might want to keep your fire extinguisher handy. If you cool the room or increase the localised cooling, the moisture in the air would start to condense to form water droplets. The effect of water droplets on the circuit board or anywhere near an electrical appliance needs no explanation.

The same holds true for humidity. If the air is too humid, a thin layer of moisture starts developing on the equipments which leads to short circuiting. If the air is too dry, it generates static in the air and sparks start to fly, literally. So you see, a monitoring device is just as important as anything else in the data center. This small investment will probably save thousands of dollars on disaster management within the data center.

It is not just enough to have a monitoring device; the device should effectively work and should raise an alert in case the temperature, power or humidity level exceeds the accepted level.  The device should be sensitive to the slightest change in the atmosphere. The device should not start malfunctioning under undesirable conditions; in other words, it should be resilient. It should also be reliable. What is the point of having a monitoring device if it is not showing the readings right?

Thankfully, we have companies that have dedicated their time in building the perfect monitoring device according to industry standards. You might want to check out renowned brands such as Liebert, APC and ITWatchdogs for climate and power monitoring devices.


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