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Talking (DEDICATEDNOW) 1U and 1/4 Cabinet Specials Starting at just $89!

DedicatedNOW is offering incredible deals on 1U and 1/4 rack Colocation in our East Coast facility. Save more than 30% on collocation in the highly desirable NY / NJ Metro Market by taking advantage of these specials! Half and Full Rack Specials available too! For more information and availability, please contact sales@dedicatednow.com or call 888-734-9320. Limited time only.
Managed Colocation Available!

  • 1U Colo from $89/mo!
    1U Space, 1A 110v, 5mbps Bandwidth, 100mbps Switch Port, 5IPs!
    CALL (888)734-9320 NOW FOR INFORMATION

  • 1/4 Rack Colo from $550/mo!
    1/4 Rack, 10A 110v, 10mbps Bandwidth, 100mbps Switch Port, 14IPs!
    CALL (888)734-9320 NOW FOR INFORMATION

  • 1/2 Rack Colo from $800/mo!
    1/2 Rack, 20A 110v, 20mbps Bandwidth, 100mbps Switch Port, 30IPs!
    CALL (888)734-9320 NOW FOR INFORMATION

  • Full Rack Colo from $1500/mo!
    Full Rack, 30A 110v, 30mbps Bandwidth, 100mbps Switch Port, 5IPs! Free Switch Included!
    CALL (888)734-9320 NOW FOR INFORMATION

************************************************** *****************************
************************************************** *****************************
  • 1U Rack Space!
  • 1Amp 110v power!
  • 5mbps burstable to 100mbps!
  • 5 IPs!
  • Free Reboots!
  • Smart Hands and Managed Colo Available!
1U Colo Special!: [s]$149[/s] - $89/mth ($99/setup)
>>>>ORDER NOW <<<<

Call (888)734-9320
Or Email sales@dedicatednow.com

************************************************** *****************************
************************************************** *****************************
  • 1/4 rack!
  • 10Amp 110v power!
  • 10mbps burstable to 100mbps!
  • 14 IPs!
  • Free Reboots!
  • Smart Hands and Managed Colo Available!
1/4 Colo Special!: [s]$725[/s] - $550/mth (FREE setup)
>>>>ORDER NOW <<<<

Call (888)734-9320
Or Email sales@dedicatednow.com

************************************************** *****************************
************************************************** *****************************
  • 1/2 rack!
  • 20Amp 110v power!
  • 20mbps burstable to 100mbps!
  • 30 IPs!
  • Free Reboots!
  • Smart Hands and Managed Colo Available!
1/2 Colo Special!: [s]$1250[/s] - $800/mth (FREE setup)
>>>>ORDER NOW <<<<

Call (888)734-9320
Or Email sales@dedicatednow.com

************************************************** *****************************
************************************************** *****************************
  • Full rack!
  • 30Amp 110v power!
  • 30mbps burstable to 100mbps!
  • 62 IPs!
  • 48 port 100mbps switch included!
  • Free Reboots!
  • Smart Hands and Managed Colo Available!
Full Colo Special!: [s]$2250[/s] - $1500/mth ($500 setup)
>>>>ORDER NOW <<<<

Call (888)734-9320
Or Email sales@dedicatednow.com

More Information and Availability:
Contact sales@dedicatednow.com or call 888-734-9320. Limited time only.


Corporate Information
DedicatedNOW is a privately owned, multi-million dollar corporation located in Clifton, New Jersey and founded in 1997. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds providing collocation and managed web hosting services to thousands of satisfied customers. DedicatedNOW delivers cutting-edge hosting solutions to meet the requirements of small and medium sized businesses, large scale corporations and individuals. Customers rely on DedicatedNOW to provide reliable, secure and value rich services such as collocation, disaster recovery, CDN and high availability hosting for their business.

Our network runs on our own dark fiber ring connecting our two redundant pops in 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ. Each fiber leg is capable of handling our entire networks traffic in case of a failure. Each leg can upgraded to provide transport capacities up to 320Gbps totaling 640Gbps of available transport capacity. Our core consists of Dual Cisco 6509 SUP720 Routers, fully meshed to multiple aggregation switches for maximum uptime. Our multi-homed network is fueled by the following premium tier 1 carriers with peering through NYIIX:
  • Saavis
  • Telia
  • NLayer
  • Global Crossings
  • Level3

Test IP for pings:
Speed test 1: http://speed.fortressitx.com/blocks/ (downloadable files to test network speed)
Speed test 2: http://speed.fortressitx.com/

Our East Coast Facility
DedicatedNOW maintains a state of the art data center in Clifton, New Jersey, just 12 miles from New York City with easy access to backbone providers. At present, our data center incorporates more than 7,500 sq ft of raised floor data center space. In addition, DedicatedNOW maintains over 5,000 sq ft of corporate office space, including conference rooms, reception area, and plentiful space for our onsite staff.
DedicatedNOW DC Photos: http://www.dedicatednow.com/?about-network=

Facility Highlights
  • 7,500 sq ft of raised floor
  • Multiple Uninterruptible Power Supply Units
  • All Critical Systems Monitored 24/7
  • 20 Raised Floor Environment
  • 100% Redundant Cisco Network
  • Private cage space available

The Clifton01A data center guarantees protection of your system through an efficient waterless chemical fire suppression system. Our fire suppression system incorporates double interlock pre-action dry fire suppression with hundreds of heat, flame, smoke and critical detectors.

Our facility is safeguarded by redundant indoor cooling systems that are kept at an optimal temperature. Our cooling systems offer an accurate and reliable control of humidity, airflow, and room temperature that improves the working conditions for the susceptible electronic equipment.

DedicatedNOW uses redundant power systems, an inline power backup using Liebert UPS systems and an onsite, 1 mega-watt Caterpillar generator with 4 days of standby fuel. In the event of a power outage, our power management system powers up the generator within seconds and even transfers power to our UPS for charging. The Liebert UPS systems control and constantly monitor the quality of power so that all equipment receives 120-volt power, all the time. Moreover, our UPS and generators are tested weekly to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Eight (8) 20-Ton AC Units
  • 500 Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Pre-action dry fire suppression system
  • Multiple UPS systems and Cat Generators
  • 6000 gallons of emergency fuel is located within 5 minutes from our Data Center

The DedicatedNOW data center has a high level of security, guarded by 24/7/365 digital surveillance of the customers' servers. The closed circuit cameras throughout the data center monitor both the interior and exterior facilities around-the-clock. Additionally, keycard locks on all paths to sensitive areas, restrict the access of unauthorized personnel.

DedicatedNOW offers high tech key locked cabinets that are fully secure. Our cabinets come with locks both on front and back, and their bases are attached to the facility floor. All the cabinets allow for increased air circulation and their side panels can be detached to enhance expandability.
  • Biometric and Card-Based Access
  • Closed Circuit Surveillance System
  • Security badge entry/exit on all doors to facility

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and don't hesitate to email us sales@dedicatednow.com.
Josh Ewin, DedicatedNOW
Dedicated Server Hosting by DedicatedNOW
sales [.at.] dedicatednow.com | 1-973-572-1070
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