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Old 10-31-2008, 02:30 AM
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Default Connection ?

Ok I have suitable premises, builders in my family and friends circle.
I can build my own servers, buy in racks etc. the only thing I'am
lacking info on is what do I connect my datacenter to.

I'am thinking around 1,000 1U servers running Win VPS, my target
customers will be program writers in the Delphi Programming language.
They mostly develop weblacations, thats program exe files or dll's that
run on a server often called "socket servers".

I'am based in the UK so what will I need to connect to? will it be a fibre
cable to my building ? how expensive would that be ?
Any help with info on starting up here in uk would be welcome.

Tia Shifty
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Old 11-07-2008, 06:22 PM
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Good Afternoon. In order to answer your question about bandwidth needed, it is important to forecast what your actual usage will be. The number of servers does not really corelate to the amount of bandwidth and what time of connection you will need. If your actual usage is going to be low and you wont necessarily have a requirement for high performance connectivity that will be necessary for your customers to serve content for end users, you may be able to justify a lower connection speed.

Here are the standard interfaces you will encounter along with their speeds:

DS1/T1 > 1.54mbps / 0.192 MBps
DS3/T3 > 44.736mbps / 5.592 MBps

OC3 > 155mbps / 19.44MBps
OC48 > 2.488gbps / 311.04MBps
OC192 > 9.953gbps / 1.244GBps

There are a ton of other connection speeds. There is even an OC3072 which gives you 159.252gbps or 19.907GBps. Dependant on your requirements you can choose from that list.

Here in the states, the actually bandwidth providers provide the pricing of the loop charge to get from their facility that is charged by the company that owns the existing cabling that goes between facilities.

Good luck on what you choose and let us know what you end up doing.

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