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Old 04-01-2009, 08:49 PM
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Angry Netzoom

Does anybody have any experience using Netzoom 9? If so, have you found out a way to make it not suck so bad? It really looked promising so we purchased it and I am regretting it. Since it turns out when you "buy" the software, you only actually "buy" it for a year. I do not plan on "rebuying" it next year.

I guess I should probably elaborate what I am trying to make not suck.

When I add a piece of hardware in to the rack, it populates the back and front of the cabinet. That part is great. When you delete that piece of hardware, you will get an error saying that the space you are trying to put a new piece of hardware is in use in the back of the cabinet. Apparently it cannot delete the piece of equipment from the front and back like it can when you add it. That brings me to another issue. I cannot place a patch panel in the back of a cabinet and have something like tiny switch on the front of the cabinet. Also, I am using 0U PDU's and it only allows you to place one PDU in the cabinet. It took my co-worker and I about 3 weeks to figure out we had to add the PDUs to our "favourites" so that we could customize the shape so that it can be added to the side of the cabinet.

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