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Default EnlightBot- AI-Enabled Spe############t Chatbot Platform

Chatbots have proven to reduce 80% of phone calls and emails previously managed by humans and carry out some of the core business functionalities without human interventions.

ESDS' EnlightBot is a specialized, AI-enabled chatbot platform that helps BFSI customers round-the-clock by providing ESDS' products and service assistance. This AI-enabled chatbot is committed to offering high standard service delivery along with zero-errors by reducing inquiries without any human intervention. EnlightBot is a multilingual chatbot platform that can be easily trained for conversing with customers in any international or national language.

EnlightBot significantly enhances the conversational experience, allowing users with a far more natural conversation. EnlightBot has been trained to understand the user intentions and then respond accordingly, delivering higher customer experience levels. This chatbot platform can be deployed across B2B and B2C models for supporting administration with detailed dashboards.

Value-Added Benefits of EnlightBot

Efficient Response Management with FAQs that can be answered with higher accuracies 24x7, resulting in improved response quality

EnlightBot can also be used as an alternate sales channel by allowing customers to buy products and services from the chatbot. Additionally, it can also be used to cross-sell products and services to the targeted customers.

Key Technology Differentiators of EnlightBot Chatbot Platform

Natural Language Understanding (NLU): EnlightBot deploys an NLU algorithm to capture users' intent accurately. This NLU-based system understands the probabilities based on the training corpus along with the class hierarchies, associated actions and multiple levels of negotiations and assertions. This NLU is deployed on top of an NLP system, which gives significant improvements based on the NLP system's responses.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): It is a predictive system that goes beyond the basic searches through keywords. EnlightBot has been designed for recognizing sentence structure for identifying entities and actions. The user intent is predicted based on probabilities encountered during the training. The percentage of user intent is accurately determined by reducing any scope of misinterpretations. NLP systems deployed in EnlightBot shows numerous to given user input so that there is accurate capturing of the user intent.

Proprietary Technology: Unlike its competitors from the leading technology providers, EnlightBot doesn't depend on any foreign technology. It is competitively better than these technologies owing to superior NLU intellectual property. EnlightBot can be the perfect solution in countries having fixed restrictions on strong content.

Multilingual: The core of the EnlightBot platform lies with multilingual. With increased non-English deployments globally, EnlightBot can easily learn from end-customers ' behavior. Such multilingual implementations can be achieved due to its flexible architecture.

Chatbot Personality: The EnlightBot platform can be easily customized to offer a personalized solution. It comprises the ability needed to define the persona image of the chatbot by tailoring responses in typical situations.

Sentiment Analysis: EnlightBot has been trained for detecting user sentiments associated with user interactions. These user interactions and sentiments can be recorded for future analysis. Escalations in workflow permit immediate action to the situations that can slip out of hand in today's digital world.

Conversational Bot: EnlightBot maintains context and provides mechanisms for integrating the context along with the flow. This results in the possibility of creating entire conversations, including transactions. In case there are errors while entering data, it is detected and gracefully handled by EnlightBot. It continues to chat with the end-user similarly to human agents.

Customer Identification: EnlightBot can identify a different customer set across different channels. It can easily integrate the additional data sources for developing a complete user profile.

EnlightBot Portfolio

The portfolio of EnlightBot comprises the following components

1. Speaker Recognition and Verification

EnlightBot can distinguish between 2 speakers for Quality Assurance
Delivers personalized and enhanced customer satisfaction

2. Text to Speech

Users can develop their persona
Easy customization for native ascents
Delivering emotions to a digital bot for representing the organization

3. Deep Learning Bot Platform

No point-to-point questions and answers
Results and outcomes for driving core business values

4. Chat Analytics

Insights and segmentation of customer chat
Defining KPIs for getting results out of scripts
Enhancing customer satisfaction along with personalization levels

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