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Old 01-16-2010, 04:33 AM
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Default Wowrack.com - Cheapest Colocation Available - LOCATION : Seattle, WA

At Wowrack.com we have the following offers for a limited time or till space are available.

Running a reliable and streamlined datacenter facility is one of the most important responsibilities in today’s Internet driven economy. Having your network infrastructure available 24/7/365 along with providing reliable and redundant Internet backbones can be a daunting task.

Wowrack recognizes that challenge and have been working closely with our clients to provide an economical yet reliable means to run their network infrastructure in our multiple datacenter locations.

Offer Valid : End of Jan 2010.

Our Datacenter Location
Seattle WA, USA

1U Colocation + amp@110v power
- 1 amp @110v
- 1 mbps bandwidth
Special Price : $50/mo

Dedicated Locking 1/6 cabinet (6U of usable space)
- 24/7 unescorted access to DC
- 3 amps@110v of usable power
- 10 mbps Bandwidth
Special Price : $150/mo

Dedicated Locking 1/4 cabinet (10U of usable space)
- 24/7 unescorted access to DC
- 4 amps@110v of usable power
- 20 mbps Bandwidth
Special Price : $200/mo

Dedicated Locking 1/2 cabinet (20U of usable space)
- 24/7 unescorted access to DC
- 8 amps@110v of usable power
- 30 mbps Bandwdith
Special Price : $400/mo

Dedicated Locking Full cabinet (42U of usable space)
- 24/7 unescorted access to DC
- 16 amps@110v of usable power
- 50 mbps
Special Price : $800/mo

To Place Order : Please Email sales@wowrack.com

More information on the rack selections :

Datacenter Support
• Free server monitoring included (Ask Sales before Order)
• Contact sales for special bundled prepaid support.

Reseller Program
Become a Reseller for our Dedicated Servers Services and increase your profit margins today! Email us directly at sales@wowrack.com with your portfolio.

Website Address : Wowrack.com | Web Hosting Solution Seattle
Contact Us - 1.206.522.4402 Skype : wowsales Twitter : Follow us @ Wowrack
Callback - https://secure.wowssl.com/wowrack/forms/callback.asp
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Old 01-21-2010, 01:15 PM
mehboob mehboob is offline
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Drop by an email at sales@wowrack.com and we will try our best to give you the best possible offer we can.

Thank You,
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Old 01-28-2010, 12:08 PM
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From my searching on the net, it seems that I want someting that doesn't exist. Right now, I have a crappy pentium machine on part of my university's network serving up pages for my site as well as some school sites. I plan to upgrade the machine in a few months, but nothing really server-like (probably a Duron or XP low-grade box).

But I'm thinking of moving off the campus net, as it has outages more than I like. So, colocation is the obvious answer. The problem, as you probably guessed is that most colocation start-up fees cost more than my server would be worth.

I'm wondering if there is some cheap hosting company that can take a regular tower box and just give it an IP and a power plug. This is probably not going to happen, and as long as I keep serving school sites, I don't have issues with the university, but I thought it was worth a shot. Please let me know if this is off-topic.
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