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Old 12-22-2004, 11:44 AM
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Default Tris's "System Admin Christmas Special"

Tris is currently advertising the following for people with dedicated servers, well worth a look at:

We can secure your server, optimize it etc.

We can also fix many problems and are expereinced with many control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin etc. Currently however we do not do Windows servers. We are looking to add this service soon.

We can fix problems and stop any outgoing or incoming spam. We are also willing to do some work for free as it is christmas after all. So just contact us and then we will see what we can do.

Server setup
$50 one time setup(usually $100)

For a limited time only, when you order this recieve 5GB free backup space. (see basic backup plan below)

For this you will get

Advanced Security tests - Check for any security holes in your server, check for CGI bugs installed on your server, check your Cisco devices, check your firewall, check for any open backdoors, check for any security holes in your webserver, check for any security holes in services, check for unused/useless services, check your ftp server and check your anti-virus server, and much more

Service optimisation - We optimise the server to suit your server needs. We will tune MySQL, PHP, Apache etc. This will make your server run under less stress and can speed up your sites

Kernel upgrade - upgrade the kernel to the latest version

Anti-spam configuration - will tune and configure your mail server so that it stops most of outgoing and incoming spam. It also makes it easy to catch the spammers if any gets past our configuration

Server security - We will install software to secure your server. This software includes LogWatch, APF, security updates, SIM, AIDE, Chkrootkit, RKhunter, BFD, Exiscan + ClamAV, PRM, Sar load monitor etc. We will also secure TMP partition and files, remove lame server logging, tune systctl.conf, HotSaNIC (or MRTG). On top of what we do for Basic Management plan we will also limit the use of the compiler, will only allow one user (of your choice) to su to root, We will harden host.conf, we will disable dangerous PHP functions, install PMON, and much more.

Advanced Administration
$50 per month (Usually $100)

You server will be setup using the same methods and software in the server setup package. We will secure and optimize your server.

We will monitor your server and when it goes down we will email you and deploy our staff straight away to resolve the problem, and investigate why the server went down. We can monitor up to 3 services [ftp, ssh, httpd...etc]. We can email you whenever your service/server goes down.

We will install and fix any problems that you message us with. This is perfect for hosting companies who can answer their support tickets but can not resolve them all.

We will continue to update and secure your services and send a report each month on your server performance. We also send you a security audit which is run each month to check the status of your server and its current performance

System Administration
$25 per month (usually $50)

Your server will be Secured and setup to suit your hosting needs. We will secure the server and optimize the main services such as httpd and mysql.

Your server will be kept uptodate to stop the script kiddies in their tracks and a monthly report on anything done to your server will be sent to you.


Do you want to give your clients secure daily backups? Well if you do we can help you, and no, we are not exessivly expensive. We offer a reliable, secure backup service.

We can even install it for you on your system so that you recieve daily backups, backed up using rsync, or via ftp. We have servers located in different data centers (The Planet, GNAX, ev1servers) to give us the highest redundancy possible.

Basic Backup

For $1/GB (with a 5GB minimum) you can get our basic backup service. For this you can backup once every day with unmetered transfer to our servers. You can restore or view your files as many times as you want. We can allow you to view files in many different ways but the most popular is via FTP as it is easy, and flexible.

Enterpise Backup

If you are looking for an even more secure system of backup we offer the Enteprise solution. This is charged at $2/GB (with a minimum of 5GB) . You may ask what is the difference and what makes this so secure? Well the answer is that we will store your backups on a server that is NOT connected to the internet. This means a hacker can not access it to destroy or access any of the files. The files are backed up via network and using our software you still have access to all the files and can still backup with ease.

If you order in bulk off over 20GB you will recieve a discount

I am also good at PHP and can code for you.

MSN: tris[@]hostnook[dot]com
Email tris[@]seeksadmin.com[dot]com
AIM: Seeks Tris

You can also PM me(use username Tris). I apologise that our site (seeksadmin.com) is currently unavailable as we are redesigning the website and rewriting the content.

Thank you for reading.

If you want references or resume please PM me and I will send them to you
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Old 12-26-2004, 10:41 AM
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wow... i could have posted this

just so everyone knows this offer is until the new year
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