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Old 11-04-2009, 08:53 PM
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Lightbulb Last Call for IBM x3550, x3650, HS21 XM Servers

Last Chance for NEW Custom Configured Systems available IN STOCK!!!!

If you have any questions, or if you’re looking for a specific model that you are standardized on, just ask. Feel free to contact me via this thread, email, or give me a call and I will respond promptly.

Do you still have a need for x3650’s (7979), x3550’s (7978), and HS21 XM (7995) servers, but the distribution channel will only let you buy M2 models because that hardware is now end of life?

Well if the distribution channel isn’t able to provide the models your customer’s are looking for, and you are not interested in upgrading to the newest bleeding edge model, where can you go to both satisfy your needs?


We have ramped up our inventory in preparation of the technology transition. Here are some of the models that Great Lakes Computer currently has in stock:

X3650 -- 79797AU Refurbished -- IBM System X x3650 DC 5160 3.00GHz/1333MHz-4MB 1GB 2.5" SAS Qty 10
X3650 -- 7979B5U New/ Retail -- IBM System X x3650 QC E5440 2.83GHz/1333MHz-12MB 2GB 3.5" SAS Qty 17
X3650 -- 7979C4U New/ Retail -- IBM System X x3650 QC X5365 3.0GHz/1333MHz-8MB 2GB 2.5” SAS Qty 3

X3550 -- 79787AU Refurbished -- IBM System X x3550 DC 5160 3.00GHz/1333MHz-4MB 1GB 2.5" SAS Qty 10
X3550 -- 7978BGU New/ Retail -- IBM System X x3550 QC 5460 3.16GHz/1333MHz-12MB 2GB 2.5" SAS Qty 5
X3550 -- 7978B5U Refurbished -- IBM System X x3550 QC 5440 2.83GHz/1333MHz-12MB 2GB 3.5" SAS Qty 10

Matthew Burch
Great Lakes Computer
Great Lakes Computer - HP, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, SUN Servers and Networking Equipment
tel 800-488-2587 ext 537

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Old 12-28-2009, 07:18 PM
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Default IBM Server Models Still Available

IBM x3550 Server Models:
797821U 797822U 797831U 797832U 79783AU 797841U 797842U 797845U 79784AU 79784SU 797851U 79785AU 797861U 79786AU 7978A1U 7978A2U 7978AMU 7978ANU 7978C1U 7978C2U 7978C3U 7978C4U 7978CBU 7978CCU 7978CDU 7978G5U 7978G6U 7978JAU 7978JBU

IBM x3650 Server Models:
797921U 79792AU 797931U 79793AU 797941U 79794AU 797951U 79795AU 797961U 79796AU 79797MU 7979A1U 7979A2U 7979ABU 7979AMU 7979C1U 7979C3U 7979C4U 7979CAU 7979CBU 7979CCU 7979CDU 7979CMU 7979G5U 7979GSU 7979H5U 7979HSU 7979JAU 7979JBU

IBM HS21 XM Server Models:
7995A1U 7995A2U 7995C1U 7995C2U 7995G1U 7995G3U 7995G4U 7995G5U 7995G6U 7995G7U 7995GLU 7995GNU 7995H1U 7995J1U 7995J2U 7995J3U 7995L1U 7995L2U 7995L3U 7995L4U 7995L5U 7995L6U 7995NTU 7995R2U
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Old 05-07-2010, 05:20 AM
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Does anyone know when they will do a last call dispatch for the fallen Lakewood officers? I am trying to find out on my end about it, but maybe someone here has some info I dont. I would like to record this.
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