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Old 11-12-2004, 06:49 AM
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Default Peer1/Equinix Managed Dedicated / Collocation Special + KVM/IP, offsite backup, etc.

DataCenterTalk member gets additional 10% bandwidth for the same price or 10% discount!

Managed Collocation Specials:
- /28 block of IPs (13 useable IPs)
- 10 GB of offsite backup (see below)

1U-4U Rack Space Deal
- up to 4U of rack space
- 1 Amp of power
- 1000 GB of Peer1 bandwidth on 10 Mbps uplink
- APC remote reboot device 1 server. Reboot your server anywhere!
- $145 setup, $145/month, month to month contract. Setup fee is waived for 12 month contract.
- 2 hour/month of KVM/IP access: $20 setup, $20/month for each server.

Available for 20 new signups.

Managed Dedicated Server Specials:
- 2 hour of server management included (semi-managed)
- /28 block of IPs included.
- 20 GB of remote backup space included

A. Dell PowerEdge 2650

- P4/2.4GHz, 533 MHz FSB with HT enabled (up to Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz)
- 1 GB ECC DDR Ram (up to 12 GB)
- 73 GB SCSI U320 10000 rpm drive (up to 5x146 GB in RAID5)
- 2000 GB of PEER1 bandwidth for first three month. 1000 GB thereafter on 10 Mbps uplink.
- Dell RAC. Remotely managed your server. Build in KVM/IP, remote rebote device, server status, etc.
- $285/month + $0 setup
- $255/month + $175 setup

Only up to five servers are available at this moment.

B. Dual P3/1GHz server

- Dual P3/1GHz
- 1 GB ECC PC133 (up to 4 GB)
- 36 GB SCSI U320 10000 rpm drive (up to 2x146 GB)
- 1500 GB of PEER1 bandwidth for first three month. 750 GB thereafter on 10 Mbps uplink.
- 2 hour/month of KVM/IP access
- free APC remote reboot access
- $185/month + $0 setup
- $155/month + $125 setup

Only up to four servers are available at this moment.

Additional traffic:
100 GB block: $0.70/GB
300 GB block: $0.60/GB
600 GB block: $0.50/GB
1200 GB block: $0.40/GB
2000 GB block and up: $0.30/GB

Miscellanous (with server/colocation purchase):
WHM/CPanel: $24.95/month (special)
HSphere (Owned): $2.95/license in a pack of 50.

IP to ping:
Download test:

From our Internap (Boston) network:

[web3] ~# wget
--01:08:23-- => `uumap.tar.Z'
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 8,520,221 [application/x-tar]

100%[====================================>] 8,520,221 1.93M/s ETA 00:00

01:08:27 (1.93 MB/s) - `uumap.tar.Z' saved [8520221/8520221]

[web3] ~#
Please contact sales[at]fluidhosting.com for more information.
Old 11-12-2004, 06:52 AM
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Free VPS for your offsite mail/DNS/helpdesk, etc with any dedicated server/colocation. This VPS are located on separate datacenter, in our Internap/Boston data center.
- 1500 MB space
- 10 GB traffic
- 75 MHz CPU burstable to 6.12 GHz (Dual Xeon 3.06 GHz)
- 96 MB memory burstable to 1GB.
- Usual price: $50 setup and $32.95/month. Now, free with above purchase.
Old 11-17-2004, 04:27 AM
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I am new to datacenter, What do you mean by

10 Mbps uplink, you mean upload transfer rate.
Old 11-17-2004, 05:08 AM
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I think that is what he means, but it might not
Old 11-23-2004, 05:32 AM
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Your server is rate limited to 10 Mbps full duplex (10 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down), so you can't burst more than 10 Mbps. However, if you need 100 Mbps burstability, then we can certainly offer this too.

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