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Old 01-19-2012, 11:42 AM
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Default Expanding data center


im looking to expand my data center in the next quarter. what factors should i keep in mind while doing so?
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Old 01-19-2012, 02:21 PM
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Please provide detail information about your plan. Where do you want to build? What is your budget? Are you the owner? What are the information you need?

check our facility check list

check our design check list

Please go through and let us know.
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I would like to go through a few initial steps which are worth taking and which will form part of your expansion plan.
Needs Assessment.
The initial step is to trend you power usage over time, this is a historical excercise and you should try go as far back as possible.

You should try and track the following for at least the previous 3 years where posssible.
Power (kw)
Space(sq ft/m)
Cooling Capacity (kw)
UPS power (kw)

This will give a very good picture of toyr pack of growth and likely requirement in future years. Allowance should be made for spe############t projects which will require "out or norm" resource levels.
This data should be graphed against time and against the space and power limitations of the facility.

Since you are expanding then I am reading it that you are looking to expand at the same location. If so a thorough analysis of the power, space (internal and external) and cooling limitations of the site will need to be carried out.
Each site will generally have upper limitations for each of these charasteristics.

Power may be bounded on the upper limit by the following.
Utility Provider. (Maybe cant give more power without upgrading network or instaling an additional substation)
Site Size (No space for new substation)
Main Board (Main beakers maybe at maximuum meaning a whole new board is required which backfeeds to existing)

This is rather straight forward in that it is quiet logical. When expanding a data centre, space is likely to be required to a number of different uses.
1. Additional data centre rack space. (Internal)
2. Additional power systems space, UPS's, Batterys, Transformers STS's, distribution boards and safety systems like fire suppressant and sprinkler systems etc (Internal)
3. Additional Internal Cooling Plant (Internal CRAC units)
4. Additional storage, delivery and possibly administration space for staf.
5. Additional plant space for electrical plant (Generators, oil tanks, transformers)
6. Additional plant space for external cooling plant. (Chillers, cooling towers,water storage etc)
In the case of large extensions then additional loading areas, goods lifts carparking, storage, unpacking, waste etc.

When we consider our space requirements it is also important to consider the suitability of space which is availabel for usage. Not all space is suitabe due to proximity to lift motors, location relative to kitchens, toilets and other services etc. And the space may not achieve the correct fire rating for an internal data centre space. (2 hour fire rating)

A lot of this information can be researched by internal staff and presented in a fashion for suitable consideration at management level.

The next steps are to estmate a future space requirement, powr requirement and power density level.

Your final step will be to breaking your IT process up into risk/reliability levels. This will allow you build out your data centre with the most appropiate level of infrstructure investment.

This is a very short explanation of the process but hopefully it can help get you started.
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