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Default Peer 1 Network Raises Bar in Network Performance with Launch of new GLOBAL Load Balan

Network Enterprises, Inc. (TSX-V: PIX), a leading provider of high-performance Internet bandwidth and server co-location facilities announced today the expansion of their product line to include GLOBAL (GLobal lOad BALancing).

GLOBAL is proprietary software developed by Peer 1’s engineering staff which strategically routes end-user requests to a customer’s nearest available server. By securing servers in two or more Peer 1 Network co-location facilities and signing up for GLOBAL, Peer 1 customers will be able to give their end-users the benefit of taking the shortest route from the Internet to their servers.

“Network performance has always been a major priority, with our network engineers constantly routing traffic and troubleshooting. This dedication to quality has made Peer 1 one of the most powerful and consistent network providers in the market today,” said Geoff Hampson, Peer 1 Network’s President and CEO. “GLOBAL now gives our customers and their end-users even better performance.”

There are many companies that provide load balancing services, and there are many others that have data centers in multiple locations, but Peer 1 is exceptional as GLOBAL has been developed to work specifically with the Peer 1 network. The software uses the latest in load balancing technology and, combined with Peer 1’s unique ability to control traffic routing across the network, gives the company the ability to fine-tune the load balancing process.

Customers in such latency-sensitive markets as audio/video streaming and online games will find this service critical in the increasingly competitive environments they now find themselves. Streaming customers with servers in San Jose can now add a server in Peer 1’s New York facility, and with GLOBAL, ensure that the customer’s end-users’ traffic from the East coast would be routed to servers in New York instead of having to go all the way to San Jose. The latency would be significantly reduced and performance for the East coast users improved greatly. The resulting reduced load on the San Jose servers would mean improved performance for the West coast users as well.

Not only will GLOBAL provide excellent performance, it will also deliver the ultimate disaster recovery plan. “No amount of network routing can help when an entire telecommunications hub is seriously disabled by a catastrophic event,” said Mark Teolis, Peer 1’s Chief Technology Officer. “GLOBAL is designed in such a way that end-users wouldn’t know if one facility or the other were no longer available. All traffic for GLOBAL customers would instantly be routed to their next closest available server. End-users would be none the wiser.”

Until now, companies interested in load balancing their servers would have had to invest thousands of dollars in load balancing equipment and software plus the additional cost of locating their servers in multiple locations. With GLOBAL, Peer 1 co-location customers will be able to load balance their servers in multiple locations simply by putting servers in two or more Peer 1 data centers around the world. “You send us your IP addresses and parameters and we do the rest, it’s really as easy as that,” said Mr Teolis. For an installation fee and a small monthly charge, Peer 1 will have the GLOBAL load balancing system up and running as fast as customers can ship servers to the facilities.

For more information on GLOBAL, visit www.peer1.net or call 1.866.683.7747.
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