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Old 06-09-2009, 04:28 PM
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Default My first datacenter move (advice, help, critique)

Hi all....I'm new here found this forum online and figured I'd have you guys critique, share advice on what I'm doing here. This is my first data center move.

Basically, we are a small company. Everything is actually here in the suite. We use fiber att behind an asa 5510 w/vpn for users-about 25-30. /2- 24 port switches...real vanilla

6 servers (2003 std sp2, Hp towers)
-dc 2003 std
-exchange 2003std , we use rpc over http OWA
-terminal 2003std
-backupexec 2003std
-ms crm 4.0 X2 2003 std

moving to NAP of americas in miami. Got a 7" cabinet there. colo with metro ethernet peer to peer (2MB with 10MB cap) to our office about 45 minutes north of NAP for office connectivity to NAP

most of our users are remote (I'd say 70% easy) via vpn so the entire point was to have LAN at NAP. (South Florida = hurricanes) and not in this office suite.

..anyhow here is the plan.

I'm thinking (since we have all towers) I want to move to 1U's, so I was going to order them.....restore a full server backup to them and then install them in NAP cabinet along with a switch.

I called microsoft about any license issues and they mentioned as long as I didn't have them (the new servers) running for along period of time parallel to the current network I should be fine doing this (let me know if you differ or recommend something else guys...thanks)

anyway....I'm still waiting on the NAP engineers to give me a call b/c I'm sure they offer VPN services with the managed routing I purchased....if that were the case should I just use their services and get client software out to my users OR bring over my ASA 5510 and just reconfigure the outside IP with my new addresses from NAP and reconfigure client pcf files and just run it that way?

Lastly...I have domain names (OWA domain name and remote server for example) that are tied to my exchange 2003 rpc over http with SSL from thawte......how does all this cross over to the new ip addresses issued?

Does the NAP grab the domain names? Do I have to completely buy another domain name = where do my emails go now since they are tied to the old one? (this is the grey area for me that I really need guidance with)

How do I cross all that stuff over? I'm switching ISP's also from att (local company) to XO also....they will be running the peer to peer from NAP to our site......do they (XO) handle this or the NAP jumps in and takes control of the domain stuff?

excuse my ignorance also and please bear with me...this is a load for me....and yes i'm a one man show. I just hired a new tech last week to help out.

Thanks again.
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Old 06-10-2009, 05:31 PM
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There is a lot more to it - How long can you be down for - When planning a simple move you need to make sure ALL the software on your service can run on a new machine, No software keys tied to cpu serial number. Are you changing IP Addresses? There are many things that need to be consider and fall back contingency plan, I suggest you consult a spe############t.
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