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Old 08-08-2012, 03:44 PM
Sam Rhino Sam Rhino is offline
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Talking Labelling within Data Centres

I am new to the industry (background stationery) Are label printers used readily when installing data centres? Are there tenders for data centres and if so how could a label printer be added to the tender? How can I find datacentre tenders? What brand of labelling tools are used?
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Old 08-11-2012, 07:41 PM
JDAlphin JDAlphin is offline
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The only labeling I'm familiar with is physical labeling. I know at my job we keep a label maker nearby when we rack new servers and/or change the name of our servers. We also label our cabinets. For example:

Cabinet XA9 has FTP-DEV-CAMP. Broken down:

XA9 (X - Expanded Datacenter...A9 - Cabinet A9)
FTP-DEV-CAMP (FTP - File Transfer server...DEV - Development group...CAMP - Whole campus)

I hope that answers your question...then again...maybe not. :P
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Old 08-14-2012, 04:42 PM
OBXandos OBXandos is offline
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Yes labeling is very important. I am finding that out now. My DC has been active for 6 years and now and not much was labeled when installed. I came in about a year ago and it is now my job to find out what we have installed and what it does. We have been slowly rectifying this problem.

As for equipment we have several label machines. One for cables, one for servers/switches, and one for other general items. We use Anixter to buy replacement cartridges for our labelers. The way you type makes me think you are in Europe so i am unsure if Anixter even has a presence over there. I am sure there are other distributors though.

Hope this helps.
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Old 05-27-2013, 11:54 AM
Firoz Khan Firoz Khan is offline
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Default data centre cabling tips

Every data centre has a different specification and lay out, but they all have the same requirement for high performance cabling to transport information
data centre cabling tips
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Old 08-30-2013, 03:29 PM
Aledrob Aledrob is offline
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Default Labelling

Labelling and Asset management is very important.

We use a mix of labelling on racks, server, network switches and network cables each brings different challenges and different solutions

racks are typically labelled with enscribed panels squares screwed/glued into racks
servers have used both printed labels and barcode labels in the past which can then use handheld scanners and integrated with asset management tools.
cable labelling at either end of cables find a4 printer laser sheets are better than handheld printers for this for speed and lastibility of the labels as handheld printers seem to fall off after a while. Have used key fobs etc in the passed but they need to be flexible for cable removal and consume a lot of space.

You can now get intelligent cable management systems that record your labelling and connections but at the end of the day labelling is only as good as the day it was installed and requires constant approach to get teams to get it uptodate and standardised.
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data centre, labelling label makers, tenders

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