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Default Get BGP + IPv6 + IPv4 for 2/Mbps!

Currently Serverius (AS39700) is offering bandwidth specials in The Netherlands;

BGP + IPv6 + IPv4 for 2/Mbps!
- gigE (copper or fiber) uplink
- flatfee port

This is a mix of transit providers including Hurricane Electric, Abovenet, TiNet and Level3. Also we are peering on AMS-IX and NL-IX.

Currently we are able to offer this service at Nikhef, Global Switch, Telecity 1/2/3/4, Sara, Datahouse and Global-e.

Feel free to contact us at to discuss your deal.

Serverius is also offering colocation in her datacenter in The Netherlands. We are running some nice deals there as well. Contact us for pricing.
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