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Originally Posted by attagirl View Post
Well this is my first data center, and I want to know what is available, how much the various switches cost, you really do not need to be rude about it. Not everyone here is considered to be an expert, and if you really do not want to help then fine. How do you get to more detailed questions without first getting some of the basics?
It would be easier to render a suggestion if someone asked what kind of switch is good for running net backups, or what switch is out there that can suit your capacity needs if you need something with 96+ ports and 10gig fiber uplink capability. If someone asked me a question like that then I would immeidately rattle off the top of my head things like the 6509-e or the 7606-s. It just brings everything into a context and it's becomes more clear.

As far as the retail price for Cisco equipment I couldn't tell you. I can't remember the last time I paid retail for anything that goes into our data center. We purchase our equipment through various resellers (because you can't buy direct for most things) and get them at super discounted rates because the reseller is able to purchase in bulk (relatively speaking). The reseller would have multiple clients wanting a plethora of different things. They're able to match up the orders and submit one larger order which makes companies like Cisco very happy. Or maybe our one order is large enough on its own to invite some kind or rebate. We also take advantage of end-of-year sales that most all manufacturers do to get the old stock out and make room for the new.

For example we just purchased 30 3650-e (I think) from Cisco and we paid almost $2000 each. I do believe the retail on it because of the configuration and features is closer to $7000 each. Don't quote me on that price though because I don't have the numbers right in front of me. Your best resource is to speak with a reseller in your area. If you ever have questions about purchasing or pricing they can tell you better than anyone else.
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