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We use AKCP securityprobe. It has 8 intelligent ports, each one can drive 8 temp probes or 1 of other interesting probes (humidity, flood, AC detect, airflow). It even has a bunch of dry ports to detect open doors, or whatever you imagine in a on/off behaviour. Our model can drive 4 vga cameras with pan & tilt control, but there are cheaper models without this feature.

The strong points are the price and the web interface. Also we like how alerts and notification channels are implemented. There is another strong point: you can add more than 70 snmp probes from your ilos, pdu's and the like. All is inside a neat box with linux on it where you can add, if you want, the open source of your choice. It comes with Nagios inside as an extra, if you want to integrate it with your control room. It not seems so difficult to cross-compile anything you need. People at AKCP are very responsive.

There are new models that let you bulid a cascading puzzle for your easy of resizing.
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