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Hi! I hope I help you! My name is Jose Castro by the way. If you still need an affordable server I would recommend the following:

1-Check resellers (such as: Dezines ( or try to find a company similar to them such as Best Value Servers ( or the kind. The reason you may want to go through a reseller is so you can take the lowest price and additional or value added services. However, if you need a Service Level Agreement, Quality Assurance and Support, 24x7 Customer Service and Tier 1 solutions, contact a major hosting provider (Tier 1).

2-Check if a Tier 1 hosting provider has a discount on a per server basis, I know many companies do offer discounts on a per server basis or on a "on case by case basis".

3-Test the Network, track record, peering agreements and support, etc.

4-Free set up? Check special servers or discounted servers, you may want to take advantage of a sales promotion and free set up as well.

Hope this helps!

Jose Castro - Channel Manager Superb Internet Corp.
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