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For Bandwidth management, we are already using MRTG. Planning to shift to SNMP polls within the next few days.

Haven't touched IP management, but that's an intresting point to include. Actual assigning of IP's to the server would require a client to be installed on the server, which I wan't to avoid.

Device Management is another intersting thing. Some of the info can be had through SNMP. Will check it as a first priority.

Changing server configuration again requires having a client, although viewing might just be possible through SNMP.

The DC where I am working doesn't have a KVM switch, otherwise I would have surely included Reboot Management in my modules.

I will have to take a look on how to monitor a switch port for bandwidth. I suppose it should be again through SNMP.

As for support and management, I am not sure that is immediate priority, as I am in a private DC right now.

Thanks for all the info. It will certainly help me in adding many more things to my app.

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