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Originally Posted by Hadley View Post
What are the benefits and challenges that are being derived from adopting cloud computing?? How it will change the way we work.
continuous replication
Thats a nice question @Hadley.
To be honest i think the benefits of cloud computing outweigh the challenges easily. I say this mainly because the only obstacle while switching to cloud computing is the logging of previous data.
The files that you already have with you will need to be logged onto a server so that you don't misinterpret some information by thinking that its not there on the database and then cause a conundrum at your workplace.
If that part is sorted it will revolutionize the industry you are currently working at. Every byte of data will be available online to anyone who has access. and here is the second challenge. You need to be careful as to who gains access to this database because if it falls in the wrong hands, it can be something you might regret for a long time. Other than that, cloud computing is as beneficial as the internet.

I guess cloud computing has already reached the next level by introducing Big Data. Almost everyone knows how Netflix used Big Data to find potential customers. All they needed was employees who have a big data certification and they were able to extract information and target the right kind of audience and they revolutionized their own company. It's only a matter of time before every company in the world utilizes cloud computing.
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