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Default TuchaHost: hosting of HDD based virtual servers

TuchaHost: hosting of HDD based virtual servers

Secure scalable hosting
TuchaHost is a secure scalable server hosting (VPS) in the Tucha cloud, based on the best data centers in Europe (mainly in Germany). TuchaHost allows you to host both a small web representation and a whole pool of hosting provider servers. The service is scaled by adding balanced cells.

The service is perfect for hosting in the cloud:
 mail server;
 database server;
 various web projects;
 capacities reselling.

Our data center has Tier 3 level of reliability, which ensures the availability of information even during technical works. The servers have Intel Xeon E5 processors version 3 or higher and a frequency of at least 2.4 GHz. For data storage we use HDD drives combined in RAID10 disk arrays.

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 247.
TuchaCloud - Cloud VPS Hosting Serviсe Provider
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