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Question Digital Psychrometer Recommendation?

Does anyone here have any recommendations on a good digital psychrometer? I have one that I picked up from a local HVAC shop (it cost me about $110) and it claims to have "instant readings". I have found that it requires a lot of time to sit and wait for it to sample the air. I also find it requires a lot more time to move from different areas of the datacenter as well. It likes to take its time and change the readings slowly. To speed it up, I have to swirl it around slowly for it to get a "whiff" of the new air.

I guess I should rephrase my question with "Does anyone have any recommendations for a true instant digital psychrometer?"

I am mainly only looking for humidity and temperature. I really do not need dewpoint and wet bulb temperatures at this time. I do not have the current one infront of me to tell you who made it. It is really crap though.

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