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Default Forum Rules

Here are the rules for the forum:

General Rules
1: All users must avoid making posts that are off the topic of the thread they are posting in.
2: Users should not compete with others to increase post counts.
3: All users must avoid posts under 3 words.
4: Users are required to keep posts free of bad lanquage.
5: Users must put effort into ensuring their posts make sense.
6: Users may not insult users in any way.
7: You may not use the forum for any illegal activity (under your local law, US, UK or Canadian law),this is included to but not limited to plagarism and copyright related offences.
8: You are not allowed to critise or otherwise attempt to put down somebody else's advert, if the advertising is in breach of the rules you must report it to the site staff.
10: Users may not to attempt to "get around" word filters or simlar using images, spaces, simple or related.
11. Users should obey staff.
12. Under no circumstances may users "post bump". *
13: User's must not post threads that are the similar or the same two or more times.

Rules for forums in General category
1: Posts may be not contain any commercial content, except where where somebody is introducing them/their company in the designated forum, or if the advertising has been put in the signature subject to the signature rules.
2: Users may not direct other users to other sites unless it is assisting a user with a question/query or is referencing to content copyied from elsewhere

Signature and Avator Rules
1: Your signature should not contain anything that may be considered offensive, this particular refers to, although not solely to, avators and signature that may appear to ########graphic/sexually related.
2: Signatures must be not be equivalent to more than 5 lines of text, Arial font at size 12.

Advertising Rules
1: Users may not use Data Center Talk for any advertising unless the advertising is a thread that has been posting in a forum designated for advertising.
2: Users with a post count under 3 may not advertise in these forums.
3: Users may not post more than 5 advertising posts in a week.

* Post bumping is defined as making an deliberate attempt to increase the viewing of post by double posting or by putting specially selected characters on the subject in a posts.

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