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Lightbulb ESDS eNlight 360 - A Unified Cloud Management Solution

What is eNlight 360?

eNlight 360 Cloud solution comes with Hybrid Cloud Orchestration layer along with complete Datacenter Management Suite that makes it the most unique offering in the market today. It is a next-generation technology that supports multiple hypervisor management and can be setup in a user’s own premise, thus giving the customer security of a Private Cloud and scalability like a Public Cloud.

eNlight 360 interfaces with the underlying infrastructure through open source or vendor provided drivers thus making it universal in its application. This standardized abstraction helps prevent customers from being locked into a specific technology or tool which saves time, money and effort for the customer. eNlight 360˚ provides additional services such as identity management, cloud orchestration and metering; all managed in the same programmatic manner through API. eNlight 360˚ is not an exclusive to a hypervisor, but it supports multiple hypervisors through an abstraction layer.

Technical Features of eNlight 360

Infrastructure Management

The eNlight Cloud orchestration software sits in the middle of the IaaS module. It can be hooked up with leading hypervisors from the backend and be managed via either the inbuilt dashboard or simple and secure APIs. From a single eNlight web based UI – the self-service portal, multiple zones can be managed. A system administrator can login into a single Web UI and manage all the clusters present on each zone which can be geographically be located at different locations. Each zone can have multiple hypervisors. These hypervisors could be set up in server cluster or can be setup on single server.

eNlight 360 Dashboard

eNlight 360o orchestration software comes with a Dashboard. It presents aggregated information of the cloud. The three different graphs that are shown in the dashboard depict the overall health of the cloud. These graphs include Allocation comparison graphs, Health status denoting graphs and Quantity denoting table. Allocation comparison graphs describes comparison between, halted v/s running VM’s, used v/s free RAM and used v/s free vCPU’s. Health status denoting graphs denote general health status of the cloud system. They show comparison between minimum or maximum resources required for the virtual machines in the cloud v/s allocated and total resources available in the cloud system. Quality denoting table gives a quick view at the number of entities in the cloud system. This table basically shows the number of Computes, Hosts, VMs and Zones.

Auto-Scaling (Patented)

Vertical Scaling Vertical scaling is a patented (US 9176788) and unique feature of eNlight Cloud orchestration software. eNlight automatically scales virtual machine resources on the fly. The resources of a virtual machine are scaled between the minimum and maximum resources assigned to it in proportion to load over it. This is done by an intelligent algorithm that monitors its resources and scales them up or down accordingly. This helps in cutting down the cloud expenses while providing consistent performance to users. This makes eNlight a cost effective and one of its kind Cloud Orchestration software.

Horizontal Scaling: Horizontal Scaling is the conventional scaling methodology which is based on load balancing. eNlight 360 also provides horizontal scaling based on software defined load balancing , with which virtual machines automatically scale out or scale in depending upon workloads.

Cloud Burst: Cloud Burst is a new dimension in Cloud Technology that guarantees seamless scaling capabilities between your Private and Public cloud. With Cloud burst and ESDS' eNlight Cloud, you can achieve extraordinary scaling benefits when resources in your own Private cloud are scarce, and avail the almost infinite scalability for your virtual infrastructure.

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