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Default Earn $300000 as VPB Affiliates

Hi dear,

This is Jina from VPB which is a global web hosting company that provides dedicated & cloud & vps servers and colocation.

Do you want to earn $300000 in a year?Here is the chance!
$10 will be awarded once you are activated as a new affiliate,and you will get 5% commission per month permanently as our affiliate.
Monthly Commission consists of Fixed Commission and Bonuses.

Fixed Commission: 5% of monthly Sales. You can get fixed commission every month till the client terminate the service.
For example: When you have 1000 referrals, each referral has five servers with average $100.00. You will get $1000*5*100*5%=$25000.00 every month, and $25000.00*12= $300000.00 one year.

1client/per month $10
5clients/per month $40
10clients/per month $80
20clients/per month $160
30clients/per month $260
50+clients/per month $500

Please contact me,I will guide you to activate your affiliate account,Thanks and have a nice day!


My skype:live:Jina0818
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