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Default "Data Center" as project in architecture school

Hi Everyone,
I am an architecture student and I am currently working on a design of a data center. I am mostly interested in the possibilities of merging a data center with another building type(s) to create a hybrid where the heat of the data centers will be heating the other spaces in the building. It will be located in Boston, MA. I need to make some rudimentary assumptions about the interactions between the two parts of the building. Can you provide any information of what does the proximity of a data center offer. What can those spaces gain from being adjacent to the data center aside from heat. I was imagining IT businesses using that to their advantage but I am not clear whether the physical distance matters anymore.

The subject of the studio is "The Cloud, making invisible visible" therefore we are dealing with form and space of what is largely formless and spaceless until it reaches the end user's screen (possibly 1000s of miles away) I would appreciate any links and suggestions for my research.

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