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Originally Posted by Schumie View Post
Slightly biased, as I work for another Managed Hosting Company.

From the customers that have migrated to us from Rackspace, they have not had the greatest levels of support in comparison to what they were paying. We've also been advised that they are relatively inflexible to your real needs - somewhat "Oh, thatís not part of our standard offering... well, we can't really do that/ support that, you're on your own" as opposed to "Hmm... we've not worked with that before. Let's see if we can use our collective knowledge to provide you with the solution which best fits your requirements".

As say, this is just the feedback that I have received from customers that have moved away from them, not necessarily how they treat all of their customers.

I'd also ask to look deeper into the 30% capacity claim. Is that based on CDR's, or is that based on day to day usage etc..
We've experienced a mixed bag on support to date. In some cases, we received the "we don't do that" answer. One area I was surprised at, was that we were asking for some help on setting up some perfmon or other tracking to see how our server (2k3/IIS) scaled and performed as we added users, and they just sent us links to some sites about setting up perfmon.

On the other hand, in other areas, they have been very aggressive in their support. Very often, if there is any question about the support ticket or if we need to make a decision, rather than just updating the ticket, they make a phone call to us to ask what we want to do.

We made a rush decision, because we needed a European DC with English support and wanted it to be a company with a good rep. Most of the companies I read good feedback on had US DC's.
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