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# Like any physical activity, swimming is easier when you're in good physical condition. Strength training is a good place to start. The stronger your muscles, the easier it is to pull your body through the water.

Interval training is also a good way to prepare for a long-distance swim. This involves swimming repeat sets of certain distances with a short rest between sets. For example, you would swim 100 meters, rest for about 10 to 20 seconds, then swim 100 meters again, then rest, repeating these sets about 10 times. Interval training is a good way to improve aerobic endurance, which you will need to swim 500 meters.

Practice Stroke Technique
# Swimming with a proper stroke can help you move through the water easier. This is especially important when swimming a long distance such as the 500 meter freestyle. If you have a refined freestyle stroke, you won't have to work as hard to pull your body, thus you will save energy. Take lessons to practice stroke technique, and always keep your stroke in mind during in-water training.

Breathe to Both Sides
# Breathing to only one side during a long-distance swim can cause sore muscles. The best way to avoid this is to breathe to both sides throughout the swim. Waiting three strokes to breathe may become too difficult during the 500 meter freestyle, as you'll want to breathe more often during this long race. Instead, breathe every two strokes, taking your breaths on one side during one lap and the other side during the next lap.
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