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Jatos, I agree with you in that redundancy is comportant in todays market; however, this is changing rapidly in many dotcom sectors as post 911 proceedres are requiring an entire datacenter can be taken out, yet the service (applications) are suppose to survive. TThis means that is it never a safe bet to be in a single datacenter as you must assume it will have a failure. This suggests that datacenters could be built for must less cost as you may only need "ride though" technologies to clean the power and "N-N" levels or redundancy (which means not even a UPS). It might be interesting to note that over the past 24 months the majority of the outages in datacenters around the world have be due to the failure of the very components that were in place to protect them. (such as failed PDUs, bad STS cut-overs, UPS problems, etc.).

The speed at which you access the network should be between you and your network providor, and in my opinion has nothting to do with the datacenter.
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