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Default Want to be a VoIP provider and not just a reseller?

We offer complete VoIP solutions plus everything is hosted on our end. No need to set-up and purchase equipment on your end. Everything is manage and configured through the web management tool included in all our solutions. Our array of solution includes:

Phone to phone (pre-paid or post-paid)
IP device to phone and IP device to IP device
PC to phone
SMS call back

Plus we can also create a customer interface where your end users can purchase PIN/account online using credit cards, view rates, view call history, view account balance etc.

The solution mentioned are equiped with billing, rating and routing platform aleady. You will be using your own terminating carrier so your sell rates are not dictated by us. We make you into a provider not a reseller, you will be the one to have resellers and distributors of your own.

If you need more information kindly call or e-mail me or check out our site

Alan Smyth
Global Account Manager
1-212-400-8181 ext. 1010