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Default Submit Data Center News, Articles and Press releases

Would you like to have your news, articles, and press releases on our front page? Send us your article with a small description on why you would like it to be published at Data Center Talk.

Data Center Talk has a rapidly growing community which specializes in data centers and IT. Our reach extends all over the world providing your article the audience it deserves. We aim at quality; remember to keep that in mind while writing for Data Center Talk. Articles about data centers, cloud hosting, cloud computing and collocation, as well as topics related to these are accepted.

To submit data center news, press releases, please contact

Sell Your Brand
As an author at Data Center Talk your article will be published with your photograph. Flaunt your writing skills, teach the world from your personal knowledge base. Customize your profile and a personal portfolio of your articles can be built here.

Online Traffic
The distribution of your article can result in anyone reading it. This alone gives you an opportunity to gain new business. Imagine if your article about cloud technology for example was posted on a business website or business article directory. Now the potential for business executives to be swayed by your writing ability and buy your product for their company to use is unlimited.

Professional Limelight
At Data Center talk your article will be viewed by thousands of our readers who are professionals in data center management, cloud computing and collocation. There is huge potential for business ideas and even job offers; our contacts extend all over the globe, it could just be your lucky day!

Search Engine Optimization:
Once your article is posted on our site you can embed your content from our site directly to your website or blog. All follow up links provide for a higher ###### rating.

Our Community
Readers at Data Center Talk are all experienced professionals with loads of experience. This knowledge based community is growing at a very quickly. Be a part of this cycle, gain knowledge, share knowledge, grow.
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