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Default Monitoring/Recording Temp, Humidity

Hey all. I see several devices out there (weatherdirect, microdaq, etc) that have various offerings for tracking temp/humidity. I'm wondering who among you might have such a solution in place and whether it has the ability to automatically send notification should thresholds be reached.

Ideally, this device would be placed in the middle of the room and keep track of temperature and humidity at the very least. Additionally, it could log this data for up to a week. I guess while we're wishing here, if such a solution could remain plugged in so I'm not worrying over when to replace batteries, that would be ideal. We currently have a magnetized humidity/temp reader, but it only keeps track of real-time conditions.

I have a suspicion that the property owners (we're leasing) may not be holding up their end of the bargain with regards to A/C over the weekend. There have been times when I come in from the weekend to find the machines have rebooted themselves and I believe this is the result of overheating.
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