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Server Matrix/ThePlanet

So here we go. I went here for the cheap budget servers, and obviously if you look at their network page well it is appealing
  • Network - 9/10 Well I never have had any problems with their network. NEVER. They have been perfect. I have always in the 2 years I have been with them had fast loading times and of course relativly fast pings (considering I am in the UK). They use some very nice routers..
  • Support - 8/10 Whenever I have a problem answered very promptly. Usually within 20 minutes. The longest I had to wait for a normal question was 39 minutes (but who is counting ). Reboot requests however are always answered very quickly. I can not remember a time where it has taken longer than 15 minutes to reboot and trust me... i have posted tickets at almost every time imagionable.
  • Control Panel 9/10 Cant really fault them here. ORbit is great. I love it. I am not to keen on their ticket system though... it confuses me at times. This is where ThePlanet is better as you really do have more control over your server with remote rebote and DRAC etc. Both are great though and do exactly what is needed and more. They allow me to give accounts to my other server admins etc.
  • Hardware 9/10 Strangely enough I have had a problem with hardware only once and it really suprised me. It was 2 months ago. I had come to expect the best from SM and TP because that is what I had been recieving. I asked for a RAM upgrade and it was done VERY quickly. I have to say every upgrade they do, they do quickly and there is less downtime than they estimate. Well this upgrade went fine but the kernel was not recognising the extra RAM. Well ok that was fine I reported it and they changed it no hassle, and they didnt charge me anything of course. They fixed it find


    I would reccommend SM and TP to anyone. They offer the best prices, the best network and well their support is great. Their is no reason not to go with them. So go with them. They are the best Data Center that I have servers at currently.
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