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Default Peer 1 Network Announces PIX, the Peer 1 Internet Exchange

Vancouver, BC -- Wednesday, June 9th, 2004 --Peer 1 Network Enterprises Inc. (TSX-V:PIX), a leading provider of high-performance Internet bandwidth and server co-location facilities to companies worldwide announced today the launch of PIX, the Peer 1 Internet Exchange, in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

PIX is a unique, free peering service available in Peer 1 Network’s Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver data centers. Customers, non-customers, and Internet carriers can connect to the switch fabric, lowering carriers’ costs and improving network performance.

“With ever increasing demand for latency sensitive applications such as online gaming and VoIP, customers are demanding high performance from their providers,” said Mark Teolis, Peer 1’s Chief Technology Officer. “Peering with PIX could give those companies the tools they need to be able to deliver the high level of customer satisfaction their clients deserve.”

PIX allows those who connect to it to exchange traffic. By giving each other access to their routes, the companies involved are essentially extending the reach of their networks. Other Internet exchanges offer similar arrangements, but without the benefit of multiple locations.

Currently, a large portion of local Canadian traffic is routed through the United States, even though the end destination may be literally down the street from the origin. Giving networks the opportunity to connect to each other at PIX allows traffic to stay within the local market, increasing the network speed for their customers.

The VoIP industry is one sector that has been discovering that peering and exchange points such as PIX are critical to their success. Because such arrangements affect their level of service so dramatically, customers will begin to make decisions on vendors based on those vendors’ voice peering arrangements.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Internet networks to provide the best possible performance to their customers,” said Mr. Teolis. “With major networks agreeing to participate, the exchange is already a success.”

For more information about PIX, please visit

About Peer 1 Network
Peer 1 Network provides high performance Internet bandwidth and server co-location facilities to companies worldwide. Building on a redundant, 100% Cisco powered internal network, Peer 1 guarantees 100% uptime Internet access for companies with mission-critical applications. Since its inception in 1999, Peer 1 Network has established local offices and co-location facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Seattle and San Jose. There are network POPs in each of these cities with additional points of presence in Chicago and Ashburn, Virginia. The headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol PIX. More information is available at

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