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Another reason is sometimes it's faster to just place a new termination on the end rather than running a whole new cable. I custom terminate basically everything from copper, coax, to fiber in my data center. It helps to create a cleaner looking environment because you won't have spaghetti slack loop every where, and because of our topology a horizontal run can be as long as 280'.

If a cable fails sometimes it's because of a faulty termination and it's easier to just spend 5 minutes terminating new ends, and certifying the cable using a cable certifier, rather than spending what could be hours to run a whole new cable.

Oh, and might I add it's more cost efficient. It's cheaper when you do them in bulk. I probably save about 30% in cable cost when I take the time to terminate my own bulk pulls. The total saves is about 15% once I factor out man hours.
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