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Default IT Virtualization

Virtualization Consulting Services
For Enterprises, Data Centers, Computer Rooms, and Other Mission Critical Facilities

PTS’ IT Virtualization Consulting Services provide a comprehensive approach to analyzing the potential for virtualization at many levels within the enterprise network. These services include four key components: needs analyses for future virtualization network design; site surveys of current virtualized infrastructure (if needed); assessments to analyze requirements for virtualization against key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and implementation of virtualization across the enterprise network.
The goal of this service is to fully understand the existing and future requirements of the client’s server infrastructure and the value that a Virtualization Strategy may provide.
• An understanding of the business benefits of a virtualization strategy
• Identification of appropriate virtualization techniques and solutions for use throughout the enterprise for IT infrastructure equipment (servers and storage area networks)
• Review of potential cost reductions, operational flexibility, and responsiveness provided by virtualization of infrastructure
• Determination of how much host capacity is needed in the near- and long-term to support the enterprise
• Virtualization spending requirements as a percentage of total IT budget
• Tools for proper optimization and management of the virtual infrastructure

PTS’ Virtualization Site Survey gathers the required data needed to make valid business decisions in pursuit of a Server Virtualization strategy. An analysis of server operating systems, applications, capacity requirements, system architecture, specialized peripherals, data storage, and server size requirements is performed. The service provides IT managers with a clear understanding of the current virtualization strategy within the enterprise.
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