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Lightbulb NL unmetered colo deal 1/1 rack with a lot of bandwidth and power included!

For a limited time (offer expires December 31th) Serverius can offer you the following crazy colo deal:

Full Cabinet and 100Mbps
- 45U rack space
- 100Mbps IP transit (95th percentile)
- 2 1000Mbit CAT6 uplinks
- 128 IPv4 (/25) and /48 Ipv6 addresses
- 32amp 220V AC power feed with 16A usage included!

- monthly fee: 899 euro
- setup fee: No setup fee until December 31th

These cabinets are placed in our own datacenter in the center of The Netherlands.

Overall information:
- Location: Serverius Dronten, The Netherlands
- Per full rack you'll get 2 x 1000Mbps UTP uplinks to the Cisco 6509 core switches
- 24/7 access
- Real 24/7 support by email and telephone!
- Realtime traffic stats

Network information:
Our netwerk uses the following carriers and exchanges:

- Hurricane Electric
- Abovenet
- ATOM86

Partial Transit:
- A2B-internet

Test ip:

If you've got question, feel free to contact us:
Telephone: +31-(0)88 737 8 321

All prices exclude VAT.
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