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KenB 01-14-2007 02:50 PM

Cable Tester
A problem we have around the shop is patch cords in unknown condition. No information is kept about any used cord, except maybe its length. Is it still good? Can it support gigabit speeds, 10/100, or should it be relegated to the dust bin? Good commercial cable certifiers are expensive, so we looked around for something cheaper. The really cheap ones are not very good.

We finally found this handheld device, called the Real World Certifier, which has been remarkably useful for its cost. It's small and easily portable; great for field testing. It just uses an electrical signal, not actual packets, but for most of our needs, that's enough. We use it all the time for certifying used or home-made cables, determining lengths of coiled cables (without rolling them out on the floor!), troubleshooting suspect cables, tracing cable routes, etc.

Inexpensive and extremely handy. Highly recommended.


[Disclaimer: I hope this doesn't sound too much like a shill. It's a recommendation for a little-known product which we find quite useful. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer, except as a satisfied customer.]

Keith 01-15-2007 02:18 PM

Ken, This looks awesome! I have to admit that when I worked for companies with low budgets, we never really certified our cables. We had a $50 continuity tester from home depot that would tell me if I had crossed pairs or what not. I was provided with a Fluke DSP 4000 at another job and was amazed how much testing can be done with a cable as well as how awesome my termination skills were ;-)

It has been common practice in the industry to say "If I get a link light, the cable works"


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