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SiteSouth 10-10-2009 12:45 PM

Atlanta colocation
Atlanta colocation

We provide colocation space from 1u to custom built private cage space. We can provide custom power and bandwidth solutions for your hosted servers. Our goal is to provide state of the art Atlanta colocation hosting at affordable prices.

Each collocated client is provided stable, quality bandwidth transfer on dedicated 10/100/1000 Mbs ports and connections. Not shared bandwidth. Full BGP routing from multiple tier-1 backbone providers.

Our redundant network is located in two carrier-neutral facilities with over 60 fiber service providers. The network and servers have in-house 24 hour monitoring by our support staff and additional third party outside monitoring services.

Carrier grade neutral collocation facility
Cisco Routers using BGP-4 routing to minimize route lengths
InterNap Flow control network optimization engine
IPS/IDS monitoring
Up to 60 amps 120v power per cabinet
Secure, climate controlled data center
Multiple UPS battery backup systems
Generators for emergency power
Fire suppression system
Temperature-controlled, air-filtered environment
24 x 7 network monitoring
24 x 7 access to your server
Private tech support work area
Crash Carts
Dedicated 10/100/1000 Mb ethernet connections
Real time bandwidth graphs

Service by the Single Rack Unit (1.75") ($50.00 setup.)
1U with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth - 2 IPs $99.00
2U with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth - 4 IPs $134.00
3U with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth - 6 IPs $169.00
4U with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth - 8 IPs $204.00
5U with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth - 10 IPs $239.00

Service by the Single Tower Unit ($50.00 one time setup.)
Tower with 1 Mbs of Bandwidth $149.00

Service by the Colocation Cabinet * ($250.00 one time setup.)
1/4 Cabinet 10U - 10 IPs and 5 amps AC $270.00
1/2 Cabinet 20U - 20 IPs and 10 amps AC $480.00
3/4 Cabinet 30U - 30 IPs and 15 amp AC $690.00
1 Cabinet 40U - 40 IPs and 20 amps AC $850.00

1 to 9 Mbs - per 1 Mbs $75.00
10 Mbs Unmetered - Capped $650.00
100 Mbs - Capped $6,000.00
Bandwidth beyond 100 Mbs call

Options (per month)
Additional IPs ** NC
Private dedicated firewall - $100.00 setup $100.00
Additional 1/4 to full cabinet amperage - per amp $20.00
Additional 120v - 20 amps AC - $250.00 setup $250.00
Additional 208v - 20 amps AC - $500.00 setup $500.00
Additional server power supply $20.00
Private 8 port remote reboot switch $50.00
Additional 100 Mbs port $20.00
5-8 port unmanaged 100 Mbs switch $10.00
Server rack rails - $50.00 one time

$50.00 one time setup fee for first colocation server and $250.00 for partial or full cabinet.

By the U and Towers:
Single U and Tower units are only hosted in our Atlanta Northside data center.
Single U and tower orders include remote reboot switch and one 10/100 Mbs switch port.
Single U and tower orders include a single power supply. Additonal redundant power outlets are $20.00 per month.

By colocation cabinet space:
Minimum space for our 55 Marietta Street data centers is 1/4 colocation cabinet.
For service by 1/4, 1/2 and full cabinet unit prices do not include bandwidth or remote reboot switch.
One 100 Mbs switch port is included.
Minimum cabinet bandwidth commit is 1 Mbs.
Each private cabinet section is equipped with one metered 20 amp 10 way power outlet.

** ARIN justification is required for additional IPs.

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